Tech Week: HP Touchpad and Nokia teams up with Microsoft

Plus: iPad mini on the way in late 2011?

Yet another busy week in tech has past us by, here are our highlight from the past seven days, enjoy.

News of the Week

Nokia stole the headlines this week for both good and bad reasons. CEO Stephen Elop’s leaked memo revealed perhaps what many believed for some time, that the company was a ‘burning platform, .giving the strongest indication yet that the Finnish mobile manufacturer was set to call in some help.

Nokia and Microsoft officially teamed up on Friday with the Windows Phone 7 OS likely to feature on Nokia phones in the near future. But what does that mean for Nokia's recently launched MeeGo platform? Well it seems that the Nokia N9 could be ditched, despite comments Elop's memo that there was likely to only be one MeeGo device launching in 2011.

It wouldn’t be a week without a generous helping of Apple rumour-mongering, with some impressive claims grabbing the headlines this week. In order of feasibility, it seems an iOS 4.3 event is being scheduled for 14th February, which falls just as MWC 2011 kicks off.

The Wall Street Journal claimed that the iPad 2 is already in production and has some juicy specs to go with it. That hasn’t stopped talk of an iPad 3 landing for September 11th as it’s being claimed that Apple has a surprise planned later in the year. Rounding things off, and it seems that it could actually be an iPhone mini that will land in late 2011, which of course T3 predicted would come to life a few years back.

Despite a slew of new tablets seemingly launching every week, none have so far been able to match the iPad. The latest to challenge Apple’s tablet stranglehold, is the HP Touchpad which was announced this week at the HP WebOS event. As well signalling the end of the Palm brand with the unveiling of the HP Pre 3 and HP Veer, the Touchpad which measures in at 9.7-inches just like the iPad comfortably stole the show. You can see our HP Touch Pad hands-on review here.

MWC 2011 is but a few days away and unsurprisingly the rumour mill has been in overdrive. HTC stole the show in Barcelona last year, and it seems we can expect much of the same with specs leaked for a HTC Desire 2, HTC Desire HD 2 and the HTC Wildfire 2. The sequel to the budget Android smartphone was spotted in a HTC promotional video earlier in the week, so it seems like we can expect at least a trio of handsets and perhaps a HTC Facebook phone to land at MWC 2011.

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One phone we won’t have to wait for is the INQ Cloud Touch Facebook phone, which is not ‘the’ Facebook phone just to clear things up. The British based company revealed its Android 2.2 handset this week and also talked up an INQ Android tablet which could soon join the Cloud Touch in the future.

It is however not such good news for another British based venture as internet connected service YouView suffered delays once again pushing back a release date to 2012. Will YouView ever see the light of day? We are not so sure...

In other news:

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Features of the Week

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Video of the week

Shaping up to be a genuine iPad rival, we got a closer look at the HP Touchpad during the WebOS event earlier this week. You can check out the HP Touchpad video below

HP TouchPad video

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