Tech Week: Galaxy S tablet specs HTC Desire HD priced

Plus: Kinect price drop and free iPhone 4 on Orange

Yet another busy week in tech has past us by, here are our highlight from the past seven days, enjoy.

News of the Week
Step aside iPad there is a new tablet in town. Well, almost. On the back of the success of its Galaxy S mobile handset, Samsung is set to set launch a tablet by the same name. This week the Galaxy S tablet’s specs leaked by a Samsung firmware update following another leak from UK network provider Vodafone hinting that it would stock the 3G touting Samsung tablet. Not enough Galaxy news for you then take a ganders at this, the white edition of the Samsung Galaxy S handset readying for launch. A firm two fingers up to Apple from Samsung there then.

Despite Gamescom bringing lots of tasty new gaming news our way this week, the upcoming battle of the motion controllers still takes the lead. Following Microsoft's Kinect system getting an official UK launch date a number of online retailers began slashing prices of the Xbox peripheral. If that wasn’t worrying enough for Microsoft, images appearing in an Xbox commercial turned out to be from the PS3 as the Sony machine offers sharper images. Uh oh Microsoft, tad of an issue there we think.

Following the huge success of its Desire device, HTC is to launch the HTC Desire HD and boy do we know it. After the HTC Desire HD had its specs leaked late last week the upcoming HTC handset popped up on Amazon with a UK release price before hitting with a hands-on rating and hefty set of specs.

It has been a quiet week by Apple’s standards yet the Cupertino company remains in the mix. You the T3 readers have been joining the Apple debate sharing your must-have features of the upcoming iPod Touch update, the winner? Take a look and see. The latest Apple smartphones is still making headlines too with Orange declaring it will offer free iPhone 4 handset on a number of pay monthly contracts. Tempted?

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Features of the Week
Who doesn’t love free stuff? We sure do and what better way to remember 2010 than with a feast of the leading free iPhone apps. We have compiled our top 50 of the blighters for the ultimate guide to the best free iPhone apps of the year.

We have a nice little smartphone group test for you this week. It isn’t the usual sedate smartphone test, however. No, we decided to carry out this smartphone camera group test with the England Rugby squad for some hard-hitting, fast-paced testing.

Like you need a reason other than its availability to go out and buy the new edition of the T3 mag in stores now. Well, just in case you do, here are five reasons why you need the latest copy of T3 magazine. From the top 50 apps to the man who fell to earth, the October issue of T3 has it all.

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Reviews of the Week
A-Level results were revealed this week so what better time to be on the hunt for the ultimate student laptop as them there younguns leave the coop. Well, with so much to organise good ol’ uncle T3 is on had to give you a group test review of the top student laptops. What can we say, we are just nice like that.

Are you looking for a premium iPod docking station to challenge the B&W Zeppelin? Well then this might be just what you are looking for as the T3 reviews get their grubby mitts and even grubbier ears around the Philips Fidelio DS9000 dock.

DSLR quality in a smaller body with a smaller price tag is exactly what you get with the new Nikon P100 bridge camera. No surprises then that we have given it the once over with a fine tooth comb in a tough T3 review.

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