Tech Week - BlackBerry PlayBook and Dell tablet

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News of the week

Once again this week we could barely move for tablet news .The biggest story of the week was to be found in the unveiling of the RIM BlackBerry Playbook- possibly a surprisingly cheap entry in to the market from the business sector leaders.

Fans of the Dell Streak got some good news this week too- the sequel, Looking Glass, is due in a matter of weeks. Dell are also planning bigger, more powerful versions of the device that are expected in 6-12 months.

Elsewhere, we were surprised to see highstreet chain Next release their own tablet. It’s pretty low tech but the price is so low that it might find a market with casual buyers, if not T3 readers.

Just in time for The Tech Week, Samsung have announced the release date for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, due on November 1st.

In TV land, the biggest news of the week was obviously the launch of 3D services from Virgin Media and Sky. Although Virgin pipped Sky to the post by a couple of days with the launch of its channel, the Sky offering had so much more content from the off that it was a little embarrassing.

In gaming news, it’s all been about the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo’s new handheld is coming in early 2011 and it's looking very cool.
Looking less impressive, sadly, is Microsoft’s Kinect. A recent developer video has cast doubt on the capability of the sensor and we can’t help but think that maybe the whole thing just won’t be very good.

Oh and FIFA 11 came out. We imagine some of you already knew that, but if you didn’t, read a review here.

Features of the week

With Halo: Reach and FIFA 11 just out, hordes of gamers are returning to online gaming in a big way. Before you join them, take a look at our online gaming dos and don’ts for a handy guide to the etiquette of pwning n00bs.

If you’re lucky enough to be kicking back and reading this on an iPad, you may want to take a look at our feature on the best paid for iPad apps. After all, you only want the very best widgets on your lovely tablet.

In the market for a new phone? Don’t go without reading our essential guide to the best mobile phones. and you can't go far wrong.

We love tech at T3 but sometimes it doesn’t love us back- Make sure you read our feature on killer tech: when inventions turn bad.

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Reviews of the Week

If you like insanely expensive audio / video gear (and really, who doesn’t?) then head over to our review of the Bose Audiowave – a revolutionary new system from the hi fi design studio that brings surround sound to your living room from a single location without extra speakers. Impressive, so long as you have the required six thousand large ones in the bank.

Readers looking for a new home PC should check out our review of the HP Pavilion P6525,
which offers a solid, if not flashy, home desktop for a decent sum. If you’re feeling flashier and a bit more, well, lifestryle, the iMac SSD 2010 might be your bag. Failing that, how about a laptop? We’ve also reviewed the Samsung R780.

Camera fans should also check out our review of the Canon IXUS 1000 HS for a new stills compact.

Finally, if you’re in the marker for a new phone, how about reading our Nokia N8 review?

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