Tech Week: Best of E3 games and Apple WWDC

The highlights of the last seven days of the tech world, all in one place. Enjoy.

Launches galore! OSX Lion, iCloud, iOS5, PS Vita, Nintendo Wii U

News of the Week

Apple’s WWDC saw the launch of iOS 5, OS X Lion and the much speculated iCloud. The full specs of iCloud were revealed, including a feature that will let you upgrade your iTunes library to free and then share it across all your iOS devices. Apple also revealed its integration-heavy iOS 5 will hit the UK this autumn

A hell of a lot went down at E3 this week, one of the biggest stories being Sony Playstation’s unveiling of the PSVita. As well giving us a good look at the console and some of the upcoming game play, the full specs of the handheld were released, as well as the Vita’s price, and expected time of release – expect the Vita to be on the shelves for Christmas this year.

Nintendo launched their follow up to the Wii - the Wii U, at E3. The new console controller will come with a 6.2” touch screen, that will bring a new dimension to the gaming experience. Although controversially it was later revealed that game footage from the launch was actually taken from existing Xbox and PS3 games

There was plenty of other news for gamers as well, with CoD: Modern Warfare 3 revealing more game play video, showing missions on the streets of New York, Ghost Recon Future Soldier showing off some pretty impressive Kinect integration, and BioShock revealing the floating city of Columbia, the setting for the next release in the franchise – BioShock Infinite.

App of the Week | Blast Monkeys
Does what it says on the tin. Blast Monkeys around in this jungle set puzzler.

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Features of the Week

Can’t wait for iCloud? well you don’t have to. Here’s a run down of all the best cloud music services currently on offer.

With gaming being very much one of the weeks hottest topics, T3 got hold of a Wii U at E3 to give you a break down of the console’s demos.

Despite the PSVita being only days out of the bag, T3’s tech wizards got together and gave a list of 5 things that we already want to see improved in Sony’s next hand-held console.

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Books are becoming obsolete according to the T3 team; rock, paper, kindle anyone?
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Reviews of the Week

First up, we got our hands on the HP TouchSmart 610-1030UK, find out what we made of HP’s new touch-screen PC offering here.

Can’t be bothered with the chore of searching for some decent new apps on your iPhone, well we did it for you to give you a selection of the best free iPhone apps.

Finally, we were lucky enough to get up close and personal with the Wii U earlier this week, and gave our first impression's of the new Nintendo console.


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