Tech Week: All about Apple, iPhone 4S UK release date, R.I.P Steve Jobs

Apple iPhone 4S UK release date and price confirmed

This week in the world of tech: Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is dead, the iPhone 4S UK price is revealed and the Android Ice Cream Sandwhich release date is set for October 11

It has been a whirlwind few days in the world of tech, especially for Apple. What started off as an exciting week for the Californian company – CEO Tim Cooke successfully oversaw the Apple iPhone 4S launch last Tuesday – ended in tragedy after its revolutionary leader Steve Jobs died.

Apple fans from around the world gathered to pay tribute to 56-year-old Jobs and one admirer in Hong Kong recreated the Apple logo in Steve Jobs’ honour.

Stephen Fry’s tribute to Steve Jobs, who lost his eight year battle with pancreatic cancer last Wednesday, was an emotional farewell from the British actor and added to the increasing number of celebrity tributes to the Apple boss.

In other news, the Apple iPhone 4S UK price has been confirmed by Apple and several mobile network providers, including Vodafone, T-Mobile and Orange. Want to get your hands on the Cupertino company’s latest handset? Luckily for you, Apple iPhone 4S pre-orders are now available.

On the app front, the banned ‘Is My Son Gay?’ Android app has caused quite a stir in the Twittersphere, but there is some good news in the form of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich release date being confirmed as October 11.

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