Tech week: Latest tech news

Seven days of gadget news

Yet another busy week in tech has past us by, here are our highlight from the past seven days, enjoy.

News of the Week

Apple's iPhone 5 is hotting up for a September launch ready for the christmas rush. Set to include an A5 Dual-core processor and 8 mega pixel camera. Also, in keeping with now industry-standards, it will additonally include a Duel-LED flash for the camera. The US Judge in the Samsung/Apple case gas ruled out allowing Samsung acess to the iPhone5 and iPad 3 prior to their release.

Nokia have been discussing with T3 their future plans and why the windows phone format was favoured over Android. Beginning the rebuilding process will be interesting to watch and Nokia's CEO was spotted carrying the unreleased Nokia Windows Phone 7. It is said to be released on 26th October. In the mean time, the long-awaited Nokia N9 was finally release.

Google released its chromebook yesterday. The Samsung Series 5 Chromebook is the first fully web-utilised notebook to use Google's new chrome operating system. Google has struck a monumentus deal with the British library to put 250,000 out-of-copyright works on the giant's site for free acess, unravelling the gems to the world. Rumour has it, with Google aquiring the trademark 'photovine', they are set to launch an image sharing service.

Gaming news has been rampant this week. The website has given a very strong indication that the upcoming PS Vita's games will be priced at £39.99. Gaming giant, Rockstar, has confirmed the massively acclaimed LA Noire will be released to the PC format in the Autumn and with 3D gaming. Microsoft has confirmed its Halo: Combat Evolved will have a re-released aniversary version support Kinect. EA Games has confirmed its marque title, Fifa 12, will be released in the UK on September 30th. Finally, exciting news, GTA V is said to be "well under way" according to its creator Take-Two.

Features of the Week

Its nearly July, this week we compiled the Summer gadgets 2011. A list of the gadgets, apps and top tips to fully utilise the time.

A little bit of shameless plugging ahoy. We have five reasons why buying T3 magazine this month is really very wise. We also released our iPad edition to take our awesome content to the next level.

October this year, Apple wil celebrate ten years of iPod. We have compired the Best iPod acessories of 2011, the essential list.

Reviews of the Week

Its growing at a ridiculous speed and we have reviewed the Best free Android Apps of 2011. The must have's from the Android Market Place.

We had a play around on the upcoming Nokia N9 and subsequently uploaded a shiny video of our first impressions of the device.

Run a group test to establish which is the best compact camera. Testing on quality in low light, its battery life, range of features, picture quality and finally, our budget choice.