Tech Today: Moto Xoom 2 leaked, changes at Apple

Plus: Kinect commercial SDK confirmed for early 2012 release, Gmail refresh rolled-out

Kinect tools and applications will be coming in 2012, while word has arised of changes Tim Cook is making at Apple. Gmail has a new look and the Xoom 2 tablet has been leaked.

Kinect commercial SDK coming in early 2012
Microsoft has officially confirmed that it will open up the Kinect motion-sensing technology to the commercial sector in early 2012. This means that developers will soon be able to begin creating new tools and applications and pass them onto consumers. Microsoft says it has already received 200 applications from companies representing 25 different industries. Let the fun begin.
Link: Register

Tim Cook making his mark at Apple
Steve Jobs' successor, new Apple CEO Tim Cook, vowed that Apple would not change when he took over the top job at company back in August, but according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, he's already putting his stamp on things. The article claims he's a more communicative leader, plans to be more open with stock holders and customers and is taking a more active role in administrative tasks. Cook has also reportedly set up a charity program at Apple, matching employee donations.
Link: WSJ

Motorola Xoom 2 leaked in Carphone Warehouse catalogue
A full-page ad in an Irish Carphone Warehouse catalogue has revealed that the yet-to-be-announced Motorola Xoom 2 tablet will arrive before Christmas at a cost of 399 Euros (that's around £342). The new tablet will feature an 8.2-inch touchscreen, 16GB storage and Android 3.2, although that may be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich.
Link: TechRadar

Bill Gates behind Microsoft's tablet axe
Microsoft's Courier tablet was put on the back-burner after intervention from former CEO Bill Gates, it has been revealed. The Big M had been set to launch the split-screen tablet device until the CEO-turned-philanthropist get wind of the plans. Because the tablet was running a modified version of Windows, Gates had an "allergic reaction" to the device.
Link: CNET

New-look Gmail begins roll-out
Google has unleashed a refreshed look, featuring a streamlined conversation view, profile pictures, new high resolution themes, more white space and a condensed appearance. Google had promised the update "in a few days" but the new look Gmail went live only hours after the announcement. You can check out the new features in the video below.
Link: Engadget