Tech Today: Touchscreen iMac patent, Windows Phone 8 leaked

Plus: Apple plotting competitive fitness app for iOS, HTC Sensation gets Ice White makeover

In Thursday's late breaking news we have word of some exciting new Apple patents, while the Windows Phone Apollo operating system appears to have been leaked in full

Next iOS to feature 'competitive fitness app'
iPhones and iPods have had the benefit of the Nike+ software for years, but a recent patent filing suggests that Apple might be about to up the ante with a new app that allows iOS devices owners to compete with each other head-to-head in real-time. The proposed app would app link up with gym equipment like treadmills and send distance, speed, calories and other such vital states between two iPhones. Pretty cool, huh?
Link: AppleInsider

Windows Phone 8 "Apollo" laid bare
The folks over at PocketNow had themselves a pretty big scoop on Thursday after getting a glimpse of a Windows Phone 8 run-down video meant only for the eyes of Nokia execs. The forthcoming OS update will bring built-in Skype, NFC tech, Windows 8 apps as well as support for quad-core processors, MicroSD support and better data management. According to the site it's "almost identical" to Windows 8.
Link: PocketNow

Speaking of patents, Apple appears to be planning touchscreen iMac
It's been a busy day for Apple patent revelations. According to a recent filing for "virtual controls" it appears that the company may be lining up touchscreen iMacs. The filing with the USPTO sees the traditional knobs replaced with virtual controls for volume, brightness and such. It's not concrete by any means, but it appears to be a step towards what the world is eventually expecting.
Link: PatentlyApple

HTC Sensation getting Ice White and Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade
White phones are a hot commodity these days, following the eventual launch of the white iPhone 4 last year, and HTC reckons it can breathe new life into its fabulous Sensation handset with an Ice White iteraction. Perhaps more importantly though, the lighter-hued device will boast Android 4.0 out of the box and all handsets in the Sensation range will soon be getting the upgrade also.
Link: The Verge

Video: Scotsman wrestles, unsuccessfully, with Siri
Late last year, buried within an iOS 5 update, was accent and dialect support for Australians who were baffling Siri. Now the Aussies are sorted, spare a thought for the Scottish folks that Apple's personal assistant is unable to comprehend. (Warning: Language not suitable for the office or youngsters)