Tech Today: White iPhone 4 coming, Kinect Windows SDK

Plus: Guitar Hero lives, new WP7 release coming

It's the tech news that broke after you logged-off.

Xbox 360 Kinect has seen some pretty inspired hacks since it's launch last November so Microsoft has decided to just open the technology up to the world with the Kinect for Windows SDK, which it hopes will inspire developers to come up with some incredible tools, apps and games for PC. The possibilities here are endless.
Link: Winrumors

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Windows Phone 7 will get a mighty-looking new update later this year. Windows Phone 7 Mango will feature app multi-tasking, fast application switching and motion-sensing apps. Also coming to Windows Phone 7 in May is Angry Birds after Microsoft and Rovio finally tied up the legal loose ends.
Link: TechRadar

Guitar Hero fans were forced to mourn the loss of their favourite gaming franchise when Activision disbanded the division back in February. However it seems that Activision intends to get the band back together after claiming that they only ever put the Guitar Hero franchise on hiatus for 2011. We're already excited for the 2012 comeback tour.
Link: Engadget

The white iPhone 4 has almost acquired mythical status over the course of the last 10 months. Could it finally be able to become a reality? Bloomberg Business week reckons that Apple has finally solved the epic manufacturing problems with the device and the white iPhone 4 will launch
Link: Business Week

Apple's iPad is giving the PC a beating after new research showed that sales are down for the first three months of 2011. Industry analysts Gartner reported a 1.1 per cent drop in PC sales, when it had forecast 3 per cent growth, and is putting that squeeze down to Apple's tablet. Is the iPad really living up to its billing as a post-PC device?
Link: USA Today

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