Tech Today: Slimmer iPhone 5? Nokia Lumia 900 UK-bound

Plus: President Obama arranges Google+ Hangout, new RIM boss says no drastic changes

In Monday's late-breaking tech news, a new camera sensor from Sony could mean thinner iPhones, while the Nokia Lumia 900 could be bound for the UK afterall

Nokia Lumia 900 coming to the UK in June
We're yet to hear anything official from Nokia on the matter, but it seems that the US-exclusive Lumia 900 Windows Phone device will be coming to the UK after all. The 4.3-inch Windows Phone Mango handset was debuted to great acclaim at CES earlier this month, but was announced as an AT&T-only phone. Carphone Warehouse has a holding page on its website saying it'll be arriving in June.
Link: WP Central

President Obama to Hangout on Google+
There's no doubting Barack Obama's is the most tech-friendly politician of the modern era. The US President who spearheaded his 2008 election campaign on social media sites will now embrace a new one by answering public questions in a Google+ Hangout next Monday. The president will address voters in real time as he explains the finer points of his State of the Union address.
Link: Gizmodo

Facebook engineer by-passes Search Plus Your World with something fairer
Speaking of Google+, a Facebook engineer and a team of like-minded pals have created a way to add a little more democracy to Google's controversial Search Plus Your World results. If you add the 'bookmarklet' created by Blake Ross and co, instead of seeing only content from Google+, you'll see the most prevalent results from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and the rest, and it's all from Google's own organic algorithms too.
Link: TechRadar

New Sony CMOS sensor to make iPhone's even thinner?
The iPhone 4S has been on the shelves for around four months now and we're still blown away by the quality of the stills camera. The modules for the snapper are created by Sony and now the Japanese giant has announced a next-generation CMOS sensor, which packs more into less and could see even thinner iPhones in the future.
Link: AppleInsider

New RIM CEO plans to change... nothing
A reshuffle at RIM has seen little-known Thorsten Heins take the reins from embattled due Jim Basillie and Mike Lazaridis, which led many to believe there'd be big changes at the crisis-hit BlackBerry-maker. Well apparently not. Heins told reporters that "no drastic change" was needed at the company and that he plans to stick with the existing strategy for existing strategies for forthcoming projects. Shares fell 8 per cent on Monday.
Link: HuffingtonPost