Tech Today: Sony Ericsson set to split, Jobs 'like John Lennon'

Plus: Jobs official biography pushed forward, Google Books comes to the UK

Steve Wozniak has paid tribute has paid tribute to Steve Jobs, while an official biography of his life will go on sale sooner than expected. In other news, Sony is reported looking to buy out Sony Ericsson.

Sony looking to buy out Ericsson's half
an interesting report on the Wall Street Journal's website claims that Sony is nearing a deal to buy out Ericsson's half of their ten-year-old smartphone manufacturing partnership. The WSJ says Sony wants to bring the smartphone manufacturing in house and synchronise it with the tablet and games divisions.
Link: WSJ

Wozniak: The world has lost a John Lennon
Apple's other Steve, co-founder Steve Wozniak, paid a tearful farewell to his old partner Steve Jobs, who passed away on Wednesday. Wozniak who founded Apple with Jobs in the 1970s compared the loss to John Lennon's death in terms of his standing around the world.
Link: Engadget

Steve Jobs biography pushed up to October 24th

Link: AppleInsider

Google Books launches in the UK
Google's battle with the Kindle and iBooks has finally made it to British shores with the launch of the Google Books service and the accompanying Android app. The Android Market has also been updated to reflect the masses of new content available.
Link: Eurodroid

Virgin Media customers to get access to Orange network
Recombu is reporting that Virgin Media has agreed a deal with fellow network Orange to allow customers to use the network to make and receive calls as well as send texts and browse the web. As Virgin doesn't own is own network it currently makes use of T-Mobiles wares. Orange and T-Mobile merged last year.
Link: Recombu