Tech Today: Steve Jobs talks, PlayStation Network relief

Plus: Google Docs for Android, BlackBerry OS 7

It's the tech news that broke after you logged-off.

RIM will launch BlackBerry OS 7 at BlackBerry World in Orlando, Florida next week, according to multiple reports. The company will equip all of its new handset launches, which could include the BlackBerry Bold Touch and Monaco with the new version of the OS. We'll be in the Sunshine State to get hands-on with all the new BB gear.
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PlayStation Network users' credit card details were protected by encryption, Sony has revealed. A day after advising customers to keep an their accounts following the hack which saw the the personal data of all 77 million subscribers compromised. The company had previously told members to keep an eye on their bank accounts. Makes you wonder why Sony didn't encrypt the rest of our details? Questions need to be asked...
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Apple CEO Steve Jobs has chimed in on the iPhone 4 location tracking controversy to brush-off the more cynical view that the company is collecting details of people's wherabouts for its own ill means. The sidelined CEO says "We're not tracking anyone. Never have. Never will. Apple has promised a software fix asap.
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App of the Day | Burn The Rope
A fine, action-oriented puzzle game that pleasingly tests your dexterity and logic prowess.
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TomTom has released a statement after police in Holland used its historical speed data to help find the best locations for speed traps. The satnav giant says it backs up your journey details to help improve its own service, but also makes that info available to the government to assist with road safety and congestion. TomTom says it wasn't aware the fuzz were using it in this way and will listen to customer concerns.

Google Docs has now got its own Android app, ending the misery of attempting to use Google's Microsoft Office killer using the mobile web browser. Google Docs for Android has a whopping great party trick too. You can take a picture of a text document and the app will transform it into an editable word processing document. Awesome.

News@8: On Wednesday Apple confirmed that the location tracking controversy is a software bug, while the White iPhone 4 was finally confirmed. There were rumblings of a PS3 refresh to go up against the Wii 2 and news of the US army building its own Android smartphone. It's all in our daily News@8 round-up.