Tech Today: Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO

Plus: Tim Cook is the new CEO on historic day

Following an epochal Wednesday night in the tech world, here's the news that broke after you logged-off.

Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO
Iconic Apple boss Steve Jobs has resigned his position as CEO of the company. The announcement comes following a long medical leave of absence, with Steve claiming he can no longer 'live up to the duties and expectations' of the role. Jobs' will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board.
Link: TechRadar

Tim Cook takes over as new CEO of Apple
As part of Apple's 'succession plan' and following a strong recommendation from Steve Jobs, current COO Tim Cook will take over as CEO of Apple. The 50 year old has taken on more and more responsibility during Jobs' absence and was the obvious choice to lead the new era at Apple.
Link: Forbes

Steve Jobs pens emotional resignation letter
Following his decision to leave his role as Apple CEO, Steve Jobs wrote an emotional letter to the Apple Board of Directors and Apple Community. In the letter he says that Apple's best days remain ahead of it, and that he looks forward to contributing further to the company's success.
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In other news...

Star Wars Kinect delayed until 2012
Although it seems that all other news pales into insignificance this morning, Xbox 360 gamers will be disappointed to learn that the Kinect Star Wars release has been pushed back until 2012, meaning it will miss the Christmas season. Microsoft and Lucas Arts told OXM that the delay will allow the game to reach its full potential.
Link: OXM

New BlackBerrys to run Android apps?
The next generation of BlackBerry phones will be capable of running Android apps, according to reports. The handsets running the forthcoming QNX could allow apps from the Android Market to be ported over to RIM devices. The Canadian company reportedly looking to boost its waning appeal and own paltry app selection by adding a little Android to the mix.
Link: Bloomberg