Tech Today: iPhone killing Nintendo, Jobs may get TIME honour

Plus: No more Gmail for BlackBerry, big future for SD cards

Twitter's official photo-sharing client has put third-party clients to bed, while Android and iPhone are pushing Nintendo and Sony out of the handheld gaming market. Also, Steve Jobs is up for another award

Steve Jobs nominated for TIME Person of the Year
Late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs may be the first person to posthumously receive the prestigious TIME Magazine Person of the Year award after he was nominated by the NBC Nightly News. Anchor Brian Williams said: "One guy, who changed our world. So may he rest in peace, Steve Jobs, and the spirit he represents, are my nominee for Person of the Year." The current holder of the title is, of course, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg.
Link: AppleInsider

Twitter's own photo-sharing client puts third-party apps to bed
Just three months after launch pic.Twitter is now the dominant photo-sharing service for the social network. The official Twitter client has overtaken the likes of TwitPic, Instagram and yfrog to corner 36 per cent of the market. Just five months ago TwitPic owned 45 per cent of all shares. That's now down to 30 per cent. Tough break, but after its decision to claim copyright over uploaded photos, there'll be little sympathy for the company.
Link: TechCrunch

iOS and Android games bringing in more cash than Ninty and Sony combined
The handheld gaming market continues to move in favour of smartphones and tablets with new figures showing that Apple and iPhone games will gross more money than the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP consoles combined by the end of 2011. As gamers gravitate to cheaper, instantly obtainable titles the Japanese giants have struggled to keep pace.
Link: PC World

SD cards set for a massive upgrade of purpose
The SD Association sees a much bigger future for the memory card than simply storing and transferring files on our cameras and smartphones. The association is working on integrating smart-chip tech, which will securely store your credit card details and identification allowing you to pay for goods and services using your smartphone. Subscriptions to pay-TV and online gaming portals could also live on SD cards and be used to authenticate your ID.
Link: Engadget

More bad news for RIM as Google abandons Gmail app
It wouldn't be an edition of Tech Today without some sort of blow to BlackBerry's bid to get back in the big time. As reports indicated that users were experiencing more BBM and email delays, Google decided that it would no longer support the Gmail app for BlackBerry. Existing users can continue to use it, without support from Google, but it will soon disappear from the App Marketplace. And RIM still wants to let Android have access to BBM?
Link: Register