Tech Today: Sony PS3 UK price cut, new PSP E-1000

Plus: Nokia on Moto deal, Lion USB drive now on sale

With massive news from PlayStation, a new product release from Apple and Nokia feeling smug, here's the tech news that broke after you logged off.

Sony announces PS3 price cut across the globe
The Sony PlayStation 3 will cost less than £200 in the UK for the first time following a global price cut. Sony announced the new price point at Gamescon 2011 on Tuesday with the new RRP for the 160GB model coming in at £199. Amazon is selling that for £192, while the 320GB model will only set you back £212.
Link: CVG

PSP E-1000 budget PlayStation Portable announced
Sony also announced its latest efforts to hit back at Apple in the handheld gaming wars. A new low-cost PSP console that will only cost 99 Euros. It won't have Wi-Fi but games, including FIFA 12 will only cost 9.99 Euros. It'll be out this autumn.
Link: PlayStation Blog

Mac OS X Lion USB drive finally goes on sale, but it'll cost you...
Apple has finally made the physical iteration of the new Mac OS X Lion operating system available to buy. However, while the downloadable version was a recession-smashing £20.99, the USB drive will cost over double that at £55. That's a blow to those poor folks who don't have fast enough internet speed to download the 3.49GB before the start of the next decade.
Link: LA Times

Nokia: 'See, we were right to ignore Android'
Ailing Finnish giant Nokia is feeling all smug today following Google's deal to buy Motorola. The company reckons the £12.5bn deal justifies its decision to place its stock in developing hardware for the Windows Phone operating system and resist advances from Android. Nokia thinks that the current Android partners may suffer if Google places more stock in development for Moto.
Link: WMPowerUser

Apple spaceship will be 'bigger' than the Empire State building... sort of
The plans for Apple's new spaceship HQ have revealed that the campus will be larger than New York's Empire State Building, laid flat. Mac Observer says that the diameter of the circular structure would be 1,615 feet, whereas the fabled Big Apple landmark would stretch out to 'just' 1,250 feet. It's also bigger than the Pentagon and a World War II battleship. In short, it's gonna be pretty big.
Link: Mac Observer