Tech Today: Samsung mocks iPhone fanboys in Galaxy SII ad

Plus: Windows to get specific Kinect device, Lumia 800 set to flop?

In today's round-up Samsung has launched a catty commercial poking fun at iPhone fanatics, while Microsoft says it is working on a new Kinect device specific to Windows. Here's the tech news that broke after you logged off

Samsung pokes fun at Apple fanboys in new Galazy SII app
The war between Apple and Samsung just got personal with the Korean giant taking aim at Apple's loyal army of fanboys in its latest commercial for the Galaxy SII smartphone. The ad, which is set to screen in the States on Thanksgiving Thursday, pokes fun at those waiting hours in line for the new iPhone 4S. Our favourite line of the commercial comes when an Apple fan sneers "I could never get a Samsung, I'm creative."
Link: Mashable

Microsoft to release Windows-specific Kinect peripheral
As The Big M gears up for the launch of a commercial SDK for its Kinect for Windows program, the company has revealed that changes are afoot to the peripheral itself, to make it more suitable for use in a desktop environment. The company says it has "optimized certain hardware components and made firmware adjustments which better enable PC-centric scenarios." Among the changes is a near mode, which allows the sensor to measure close-up objects with greater accuracy.
Link: Kinect blog

In-app subscriptions now available to App Store game developers
Games makes have now been permitted to give customers the option to subscribe to aspects of their Apple App Store gaming offerings. Big Fish Gaming is now offering an all you can eat monthly subscription to its back catalogue of games for $6.99 a month. The developer says Apple was initially cool on the idea: “It took longer than usual to be approved,” Bg Fish founder Paul Thelen said. “They needed to be convinced there’s a reason to charge customers every month.”
Link: Bloomberg

BlackBerry PlayBook native email almost ready?
It's becoming largely irrelevant as the weeks pass and RIM's tablet falters further, but it appears the Canadians are finally ready to bring the long-promised native email application to the BlackBerry PlayBook. The OS upgrade, which will also include a Calendar will launch in February. BlackBerry Cool has some shots of how the app will look.
Link: BlackBerry Cool

Nokia Windows Phone sales expectations scaled back
Analysts have claimed that Nokia will only sell half a million Lumia 800 Windows Phone devices by the end of 2011. Research firm Pacific Crest had initially expected the Finns to shift 2m devices before the year was out, but have since scaled back its guess. Meanwhile another firm has compared the Lumia 800 buzz to the N8 buzz using Google trends and concluded that the new device is also likely to be a flop.
Link: TechRadar