Tech Today: Samsung beats Apple, Android Gingerbread reigns

Plus: Facebook snaps up app, Vita doesn't allow in-game browsing

In the weekend's top tech news Apple has failed in its latest bid to get the Galaxy range banned, while Facebook has reportedly enjoyed a successful shopping spree.

US court denies Apple's injunction against Galaxy devices
Apple's globe-trotting bid to prevent sales of Samsung's Galaxy range of tablets and smartphones suffered a blow on Friday evening when a California court denied its request for an injunction. The San Jose court judge Lucy Koh wrote: "It is not clear that an injunction on Samsung's accused devices would prevent Apple from being irreparably harmed."
Link: TechRadar

Dyson goes to war with China over copycats
Vaccum cleaner and all-round deity Sir James Dyson thinks that China isn't doing enough to prevent patent infringements on goods being manufactured domestically. Dyson says that a Chinese company was recently fined a paltry $7,500 for copying the AirBlade hand-dryer, but haven't been forced to pay and continue to operate. He says China risks being thrown out of the World Trade Organisations for its shortcomings.
Link: Guardian

Android Ginerbread now dominant OS
Version 2.3 of the Android operating system, nicknamed Gingerbread is now present on over half of all Android phones on the market. Gingerbread represents 50.51 per cent of all Android phones, while Honeycomb, Eclair, Donut, Cupcake and the new Ice Cream Sandwich make up the rest. It'll be Google's ability to get users onto Gingerbread quickly that'll offset charges that the OS is too fragmented.
Link: Mashable

Facebook snaps up Gowalla app, says report
Social networking giant Facebook has moved to acquire the location sharing mobile app, according to reports over the weekend. Although neither company have commented on the speculation, it is believed that Gowalla employees will be charged with working on Facebook's new Timeline feature unveiled at F8 earlier this year.
Link: CNN

PlayStation Vita will not allow in-game browsing
The forthcoming Sony PlayStation Vita console will not allow gamers to browse the internet while a game is running, according to reports. CVG says: "Just like on PS3, hitting the PS button while gaming will bring up the console menu, from which you'll be able to access a numb of features including friends lists, music and even Twitter, but unfortunately not the web browser."
Link: CVG