Tech Today: PSN up this week, Twitter breaks Bin Laden story

Unconfirmed: Apple tracks Bin Laden's iPhone?

The tech news that broke while you were enjoying your Sunday.

Motorola has confirmed that it will build more smartphones like the Motorola Atrix that can be used to power an empty shell laptop dock. Mobile bossman Sanjay Jha says that Android-powered latops with the Webtop skin as used on the Atrix can offer users an alternative to tablet PCs.
Link: CNET

The White iPhone 4 is a little bit different to its darker skinned pal after all. As well as being 0.2mm thicker on the outside, it's also smaller on the inside with a more deeply recessed camera lens and a smaller proximity sensor. Rumour has it that these slight changes to the White iPhone 4 are down to light leakage issues.
Link: Gizmodo

The Sony PlayStation Network will start to go back online this week, the company has said. Access to account details and online gaming will be the first areas to be restored, with the rest coming online within a month. Sony has said it will offer one month of PSN and one month of unlimited use of the Qriocity service, plus one PSN download as an apology to affected users.
Link: TechCruch

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Star Wars fans awaiting the release of the original trilogy on Blu-ray will find out more on May 4th. The discs will be released on October 30th, but Wednesday is likely to see the first news of the exclusive special features and cover art released. May the 4th be with you.
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The biggest news to arise from the United States this Monday morning is of course the reported death of Osama Bin Laden. Twitter once again led the way with rumours of his death circulating way before Barack Obama made the announcement at 10:45pm ET. Rumours that US forces were assisted by Apple who tracked down the terrorist by analysing the location data on his iPhone are yet to be confirmed. Just kidding.