Tech Today: PSN crisis deepens, Apple cloud music

Users' personal data compromised by hack

It's the tech news that broke after you logged off.

Sony has admitted that the hack which brought the PlayStation Network to its knees is worse than originally feared and that the personal information of its account holders has been compromised. Sony says that login details, names, addresses and email addresses have all been accessed and refuses to rule out that credit card details have been accessed.
Link: TechRadar

Facebook has launched its eagerly-awaited Deals service. Initially launched in five US cities, Facebook Deals will offer locally-themed discounts on cinema tickets, sports events, local restaurants and bars. With this roll-out, Facebook has its sights set purely on Groupon.
Link: PCWorld

App of the Day | Compass
Simply really, HTC adds a compass onto the Bing Maps experience to offer foolproof directions.
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Apple's rumoured cloud-music service won't come free of charge according to CNET sources inside the music industry. The service would allow iTunes cloud-music users to upload their songs to Apple's servers and then access them over the cloud at any time. Latest reports suggest that the annual fee will be around $20 (£12).
Link: CNET

The Nintendo 3DS has not been selling as expected since the second week of launch, according to president Satoru Iwata. Nintendo posted sales figures of 3.6m on Monday, falling below the 4m the company had expected. Iwata says that the company needs to "step-up" its efforts throughout the year.
Link: Wired News

DVDs are dying fast according to the latest figures from Netflix, which show that year on year DVD rental shippings have begun falling for the first time, with users turning to the movie streaming option in their droves. Netflix, the US equivalent of LOVEFiLM, posted an 86 per cent leap in profits thanks to the success of web streaming.
Link: WSJ

News@8: We came back after the Easter break to a host of massive tech news. Firstly the mythical white iPhone 4 has finally arrived and is to go on sale on Wednesday, further speculation on the iPad 3, while the FA Cup final will be shown in 3D this year. It's all there in our daily News@8 round-up