Tech Today: Paul McCartney 'hacked', Facebook changes

Plus: WoW in decline, Bravia to live on

It's the tech news that broke after you logged-off.

Sir Paul McCartney latest phone hacking victim?
Ex-Beatle and Knight of the Realm Sir Paul McCartney is the latest celebrity to claim his mobile phone was hacked. the revelation comes after his ex-wife Heather Mills claimed a senior journalist the the Mirror Group admitted he hacked into her voicemail. Macca says he intends to talk to police when he returns to the UK from a tour in the US.
Link: BBC

Starbucks to evict permenant 'laptop loafters'?
Thanks to the Wi-Fi connectivity and comfy chairs, Starbucks is as much of a home to the self-employed and students as it is to the baristas who serve up their daily skinny Frappucinno. However stores in New York are allegedly covering their power outlets to stop the laptop loafers spending all day using the facilities.
Link: Gawker

World of Warcraft leaking subscribers
Which Activision Blizzard's profits are through the roof, the games publishing giant revealed one worrying stat in their quarterly report. World of Warcraft subscriber numbers are slipping. Having peaked at 12m subscribers rocking Azeroth, the numbers are now on the decline for a second straight quarter. The company says new content should rectify the decline.
Link: TechRadar

Facebook considering 'unfiltered' News Feed
Social networking giant Facebook is considering employing a new type of News Feed which will show everything your friends are doing on the site, including what games they're playing, what apps they're using and what products they're 'liking.' The unfiltered News Feed will increase visibility for advertisers and marketers on the site.
Link: WSJ

Sony to continue making TVs despite more losses
After posting yet 7 straight years of losses for its Bravia TV division, there had been speculation that Sony might ditch manufacturing televisions altogether. Poppycock, says the man many tip to take over the company from Sir Howard Stringer. Executive Deputy President Kazuo Hirai says the company is committed to offering four screens - smartphones, tablets, PCs and TVs.
Link: WSJ

News@8: On Thursday we learned that the long-awaited PlayStation Vita handheld console will not arrive in Europe until 2012. Meanwhile, the Sony S1 & S2 tablets were on show again and there was news of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 release date. All this and more in our daily News@8 round-up