Tech Today: OTA iOS software updates, Wii price cut

Plus: Mac OS X Lion coming to Mac App Store?

It's the tech news that broke after you logged-off

The Nintendo Wii price has fallen again in the United States, with the motion sensing console now available for just $149 with a copy of Mario Kart and a steering wheel. That works out at about £90. Nintendo is obviously trying to rid themselves of the original console before the Wii 2 arrives next year, but that's still some bargain.
Link: CNET

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Apple is planning to launch Mac OS X Lion via the Mac App Store say reports from Apple Insider. The new version of its laptop and desktop software may be available to download, without an install disk, directly from the Mac App Store according to those familiar with the matter.
Link: Apple Insider

Intel has unveiled a new 3D chip design that will enable more processing power to be crammed into even smaller spaces, while costing less and also consuming less juice, the company has said. The newly designed chips, which feature tri-gate tech that Intel has been working on since 2002, will show up in computers, phones and tablets later in 2011.
Link: Telegraph

In yet more Apple news, reports suggest the next version of iOS might feature over-the-air software updates, meaning the days of plugging in your iOS device to your computer to get the latest version would come to an end. Apple is said to have been negotiating the deal with US carriers according to the reports.
Link: Mashable

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