Tech Today: New iOS 5 beta reveals dictation feature

Plus: TouchPad price cut, new iPhone camera app

It's the biggest tech news from over the weekend.

Apple releases iOS 5 Beta 5
The launch of iOS 5 moved a step closer this weekend after Apple launched the firth better version of the software for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The update brings the first sighting of the rumoured dictation feature powered by Nuance. Meanwhile Apple has begun to transition MobileMe developers to iCloud.
Link: AppleInsider

Hackers steal 10GB of police data in the US
Anonymous is claiming to have hacked the websites of 70 US law enforcement websites. "We are releasing a massive amount of confidential information that is sure to embarrass, discredit and incriminate police officers across the US," the group said in a statement. The stolen data is said to include emails, credit cards and other date.
Link: Independent

Apple cracking down on iOS account sales
Reports on Sunday suggest that Apple is deactivating the accounts of iOS developers who have been selling their Beta access to iOS 5 onto third parties. Apple allows developers to register up to 100 devices for testing purposes and it seems that a few extra slots have fallen into the hands of unauthorised parties.
Link: MacRumors

HP TouchPad hits bargain basement bin in the US
The latest competitor to the iPad's dominance has, somewhat predictably, fallen by the wayside with an early price cut. The WebOS-powered slate, which was priced alongside the Apple tablet at, $499, was offered for $399 this weekend in a bid to spark sales.
Link: Pre Central

iPhone app aims to capture moments of pre-photo magic
A new start-up app aims to capture those serendipitous moments before a picture is taken by recording those few seconds of video where everyone gets into positions and prepares their best smiles. The Glmps app (pronounced glimpse) will start recording video as soon as the camera app is engaged. A picture doesn't tell enough of a story say the creators.
Link: AllThingsD