Tech Today: Skyrim wins big at VGAs, More 10p Android apps

Plus: Apple celebrates Beatles on iTunes, HP TouchPad finally all gone

In Monday's Tech Today round-up, we've got news of the latest batch of cheap Android apps, while there's also word of a great night for Bethesda at the VGA Awards

Android app sale moves into its sixth day
Google's wonder deals on premium apps continued into the weekend with the company flogging a host of top apps for just 10p. Sunday's offering served up Endomondo Pro, Backbreaker Football and Jenga. The promotion is to celebrate the Android platform reaching a whopping 10 billion downloads.
Link: Engadget

Skyrim wins top VGA gong
RPG phenomenon The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim took top honors at this weekend's VGA Awards beating the likes of Batman: Arkham City, Portal 2 and Uncharted 3 to the Game of the Year title. Batman won best Xbox game, while Uncharted took him the PS3 title. The latest Zelda game won best Wii game.
Link: TechRadar

Quantum dot paper thin TVs coming next year?
The next generation flatscreen televisions could come in the form of wallpaper after scientists developers a new form of light-emitting crystals which can be printed onto ultra thin sheets of plastic. Researchers at the University of Manchester told The Telegraph that it hopes to see the Quantum Dot technology in flatscreen TVs within the next year, allowing thinner sets and improved colour. The flexible days could hit the market within three years.
Link: Telegraph

Apple celebrates a year of The Beatles on iTunes
Last November Apple finally secured the Holy Grail of digital music by agreeing a deal to sell The Beatles' music for the first time. Apple has launched a mightily cool Fab Four inspired iTunes commercial featuring a neat montage of the band's album covers. The company is also offering a free animated Yellow Submarine eBook on the iBooks store.
Link: MacRumors

Last ever HP TouchPad offer sells-out on eBay
After a seemingly eternal death it appears that bargain hunting tablet enthusiasts have seen the last of the $99 HP TouchPad firesale. HP shifted the last of its inventory by selling refurbished models on its eBay store. According to TechCrunch the TouchPads sold out within minutes.
Link: TechCrunch