Tech Today: Microsoft to trial Super Wi-Fi network in the UK

Plus: Star Wars Operation and Jurassic Park Blu-ray

Microsoft is leading a Super Wi-Fi trial, while Singapore is handing out iPads to its new armed forces recruits. Meanwhile, Jurassic Park is coming to Blu-ray and an R2D2 incarnation of Operation is on the way too.

Microsoft to lead Super WiFi test in UK
Microsoft is to join forces with Sky, BT, and the BBC to test how TV signals can be used to create a new Super Wi-Fi wireless mobile network. The new network, which would used the radio spectrum not used to transmit television signals will be trialed first in Cambridge.
Link: FT

WebOS to get Facebook app before iPad
Facebook is scheduled to release a tablet-optimised app for the webOS-running HP TouchPad before the planned official run-up for the iPad. According to TechCrunch, the Facebook app will launch with the TouchPad on Friday.
Link: TechCrunch

App of the Day | GTA: Chinatown Wars
New GTA takes the best of old games and adds new innovation to create an immersive iPad experience.
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Jurassic Park Trilogy coming to Blu-ray
There's nothing that says Blu-ray event like the launch of a Spielberg classic. Jurassic Park will be arriving in high definition on October 25th. All three films (the less said about The Lost World, the better) have been completely remastered and John Williams' soundtrack will be in better nick than ever.
Link: Engadget

Star Wars Operation game coming this year
Remember operation? That sweet MB board game where you had to operate on a subject with extreme precision? Well now the geek in us all has been well and truly catered for with an R2D2 version of the game. You'll be able to fix Artoo's many ailments from September.
Link: ChipChick

Singapore hands out iPads to army recruits
8,000 new recruits to the Singapore army will receive an iPad 2 to enable them to snap photos and videos of the battlefield and upload them to a central database. The armed forces will also be working with private contractors to make specialised apps for the platform.
Link: TUAW

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