Tech Today: HTC/Samsung MWC news, Apple speaks on app woes

Plus: First look at Sonic 4: Epsiode 2, PlayBook update coming at MWC

In Wednesday's late-breaking tech news, Apple says apps that collect our contact data are in violation of policy and Samsung may be readying a new Galaxy Note for MWC

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 coming at MWC
To be honest, after Samsung cancelled its Mobile World Congress press conference, we weren't expecting much from the prolific Koreans, but the company still may have a little surprise in store for us at the Barcelona mobile expo. Reports on Wednesday evening suggested the company is plotting a Galaxy Note 10.1 device, to accompany the stylus-equipped 5.3-inch Android phone/tablet device. If true, it'd be the biggest smartphone ever.
Link: TheVerge

US Govt. goes after Apple over Path app, Cupertino promises fix
Members of the US Congress have written to Apple CEO Tim Cook requesting an explanation for why apps like the Path social network are able to collate information from iOS users' address books and calendars and store it without permission from the user. Apple has since said that iOS apps using address data are in violation of its policies and there's a fix incoming.
Via: TechRadar, CNET

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 finally coming at MWC
It might be a little late in the day to redeem the reputation of the BlackBerry PlayBook, but RIM is at least going to attempt to ease the passage of its remaining inventory with a new-and-improved operating system that's finally ready to land at MWC later this month. The long-promised update was previewed at CES and features a native email and contacts client, as well as the mythical Android app player.
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Leaked screens offer first look at Sonic 4: Episode 2
If you're still recovering from the disappointment you felt when Sonic returned to our consoles with a new adventure for the first time in 16-years, perhaps these leaked screens for Sonic 4: Episode 2 will give you cause for optimism. The new adventure features the return of Sonic's foxy buddy Tails and the evil Metal Sonic. Check out CVG for the skinny.
Link: CVG