Tech Today: iTunes Match launch imminent, RIM hit with lawsuit

Plus: YouTube debates man boobs videos, Nokia unveils flexible display smartphone

Apple's iTunes Match service may be days away from a US launch, while Nokia's Kinetic Labs Concept may show us the future of smartphones. Meanwhile, YouTube is debating whether man boobs count as porn

iTunes Match set for imminent US launch
Apple's subscription based music platform iTunes Match could be launched prior to the weekend after the company announced that it was deleting libraries for developers testing the service in Beta. The service, which scans your entire music library and replaces digital files with high quality tracks from iTunes available to download from the cloud is set to launch in the US at the end of October. Apple is yet to reach agreements with UK record labels.
Link: MacRumors

Nokia 'Kinetic' flexible display appears at Nokia World
It wasn't just the launch of the company's first Windows Phone handsets making waves at Nokia World in London, but a look into the potential future of all smartphones. The Kinetic Labs Concept features a flexible display and is controlled by "physically deforming" the device. The custom-built custom UI allows you to navigate through menus by twisting the device, while bending the edges allows you to zoom in or out.
Link: SlashGearAdidas unveils Nike+ rival in-shoe chip

Fitness giant Adidas has launched the SPEED_CELL chip which, like Nike+, fits inside your training shoes or football boots. However, instead of just measuring distance, the device measures your speed, number of sprints, steps and stride pattens and can be used for all sports, rather than just running. The new f50 football boots worn by Lionel Messi are the first to feature a holster for the chip.
Link: TechCrunch RIM faces legal action over BlackBerry outage
In the latest setback for beleaguered smartphone giant RIM, a law firm in its native Canada has filed a class action suit against the company following this month's BlackBerry internet service outage. The lawyers say it is acting on behalf of the users who were left without service and offered no financial compensation.
Link: CNET YouTube asks: Do man boobs count as porn?
Video sharing giant YouTube recently held a discussion on whether displaying, shall we say, enlarged male pectorals, counted as porn. "Recently we had the issue of man boobs -do man boobs need to be age-restricted or not?" said Victoria Grand, YouTube's global communications director. "Literally, these are the things that we debate ferociously to the point that we don't sleep at night."
Link: CNET