Tech Today: iTunes Match arrives, Xbox 360 rules at E3

Plus: iOS 5 looks to be something special

On one of the busiest tech days in living memory. Here's what happened in the States on an action packed Monday evening, from E3 and WWDC

iTunes Match finally brings Apple music streaming
The headline news from Apple's WWDC keynote was the launch of the iTunes Match segment of the new iCloud platform. For a remarkably cheap $25 a year, Apple will scan your iTunes library and match them up with the corresponding tracks from the iTunes Music Store. It'll then give you the same privileges as if you've bought them from the iTunes and upgrade them to 256Kbps and make them available for download on any of your iOS devices.
Link: Engadget

iTunes in the Cloud
iCloud will link up with 9 apps (including Contacts, Calendar, Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Mail and Photos) but another fine piece of functionality is iTunes in the Cloud. Now, anything you buy from iTunes will be automatically available to download on all of your iOS devices, completely free.
Link: TIME

iOS 5 will arrive in the autumn with the iPhone 5?
Apple also lifted the lid on iOS 5 today, but won't be making it available until the fall, presumably to coincide with the launch of the iPhone 5 hardware. iOS 5 looks absolutely monumental though. iMessage might spell the end for BBM, while Notifications have been revamped, Twitter has been baked-in, and Safari has been given a much-needed overhaul. We just wish we had it now!
Link: TechRadar

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Xbox dominates day one at E3
Away from the Apple furore, gaming fans are having their own mid-year Christmas with the E3 gaming expo in LA. Microsoft dominated day one with news that Xbox game saves will now be stored on the cloud, there'll be a new Halo trilogy of games and there'll be Kinect support for FIFA, Madden and Tiger. On top of that there's another new Xbox experience and Live TV coming to your console later this year. Oh, and there were Modern Warfare 3 and Tomb Raider demos.
Link: GamesRadar

HTC Flyer gets a minor update
You'd have to be insane to release something major against the E3 and Apple press tidal wave, which is why HTC announced a minor software update for the HTC Flyer, which promises to improve performance. Although an improvement is undoubtedly a good thing, the people want Honeycomb, HTC
Link: CoolSmartPhone