Tech Today: iPad 3 screen details, Kinect-integrated TVs

Plus: Disney movies come to YouTube rentals, Google to fix Galaxy Nexus bug

In today's round-up, we've got rumours of the iPad 3's astonishing screen quality, while Microsoft is reportedly in talks to license Kinect to TV manufacturers. Also, Disney movies have arrived on YouTube.

Disney movies come to YouTube
Google has stepped up its competition with iTunes by bringing Disney movies to YouTube movie rentals. The service will now offer the likes of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Alice In Wonderland and Cars 2. Rentals cost between $1 and $4 in the United States, but the new range of movies doesn't seem to have made it to the UK site yet.
Link: Variety

Facebook tie-in brings Spotify up to 2.5m paying customers
Spotify is celebrating the 2.5 millionth member of its Premium service. The Swedish streaming aces only reached one million in March, but its recent tie-in with Facebook and the launch in the United States has catapulted the service to new levels of popularity. Spotify is preparing to announce its 'new direction' on November 30th.
Link: TechRadar

Google develops fix for Galaxy Nexus volume bug
Google will implement a software update for the brand-new Ice Cream Sandwich-toting Samsung Galaxy Nexus, after the company confessed to a bug, which sees the handset consistently drop volume during calls. The company called CNET: "We are aware of the volume issue and have developed a fix. We will update devices as soon as possible."
Link: CNET

Kinect integration coming to next-gen televisions
The iPad-based newspaper, The Daily reckons that Microsoft is planning to fit the next generation of flatscreen televisions with a version of its connect motion-sensing peripheral. The Daily reckons that Microsoft has entered talks with manufacturers like Vizio and Sony (Seems a bit of a strange one considering the PlayStation vs Xbox rivalry).
Link: The VergeG

iPad 3 screen to be twice as nice as iPad 2
Rumours have once again resurfaced claiming that Apple's next-generation iPad will boast a screen with an absolutely stunning resolution of 2048 x1536. According to reports, Sharp has been lined up to build the IH-APS panels which would double the quality of the 1024 x 768. Apparently, production has started. Ah, that old chesnut.
Link: SlashGear