Tech Today: iPad 3 release date and the rise of the machines

Plus: Facebook dominates search results once again and Sony jumps the good ship LCD

Christmas Day and Boxing Day might have passed in a whirlwind of turkey and bad films for you but in tech world things continue to rumble on

Apple honour Jobs with iPad 3 birthday release

One highly sceptical and completely unfounded Apple iPad 3 rumour coming up. Creating quite a buzz around the currently mythical iPad 3 release date Apple fans have been offered a potential arrival time with latest reports from those ever so leaky 'Taiwanese suppliers' claiming the Cupertino based tech giant is pushing component manufacturers to hit a February 24th launch. The reason for the early arrival? Why to coincide with the anniversary of Steve Jobs' birthday of course.

Link: 9to5Mac

Sony jumps from the LCD ship

In an effort to cut growing loses Sony has sold a near 50 per cent stake in a manufacturing joint venture with television producing rival and all-round tech giant Samsung. Looking to target cheaper panel assembly by outsourcing the work Sony has shifted it's share of a partnership to it's South Korean competitor following months of rumours surrounding the declining business.

Link: The Guardian

The machines are coming

All you want is a Snickers or can of Pepsi but the machines are monitoring your every move. New era of “smart” vending machines being rolled out in the US by Intel and Kraft foods are to analyse users habits with an optical sensor taking a scan of user’s faces. Used to find out habits of what users prefer which free ice cream samples on offer the scans can work out user gender and age.

Link: BBC

Facebook’s dominance continues

Social networking behemoth Facebook has topped charts for a third consecutive year once again becoming the most searched for term on the web through 2011. Fighting off search competition from cultural events in Egypt and Japan, celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga and sporting occasions ranging from the Super Bowl to the Rugby World Cup, the world’s leading social outlet continues to lead a number of other web related landmarks.

Link: The Telegraph

Thunderbolts are GO

Following almost a year of exclusivity to Apple’s latest Mac devices the highspeed Thunderbolt connection port is set to be rolled out across PCs with co-developer Intel revealing it will hit none Apple computers on a widespread basis from ‘April 2012’. Despite failing to set the world alight about the new Mac ranges with few peripherals and thus little use the Thunderbolt connection is said to be heading to a number of “first-tier PC vendors” in the coming months.

Link: Apple Insider