Tech Today: Internet Explorer 10 demo, MeeGo on tablets

Plus: Super-fast internet on the rise, Tim Cook commended

It's the biggest tech news that broke after you logged-off.

Internet Explorer 9 has only just left the Microsoft labs, but the company is already tempting us with a newer version of the classic browser after showing off an early version of Internet Explorer 10 at MIX 2011. IE 10, which will boast full HTML5 support, is only three weeks into development, but Microsoft says it wants to start engaging with developers early on.
Link: PC Magazine

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A neat free version of the classic game letting you to face off against CPU, human or several ‘puzzle’ stages.
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Intel's MeeGo operating system looked to be dead and buried when Nokia jumped ship to make Windows Phone 7 devices so Intel has looked east to get support for the Linux-like mobile OS. MeeGo has appeared on a prototype tablet at Intel's developers forum in Beijing with the company looking for support from a manufacturer to build the device.
Link: PC World

BT and Virgin Media's quest to turn the UK into a super-fast broadband paradise will reach a landmark this month, when the 250,000th line boasting 25Mbps and upwards is installed. However, keep the party poppers unpopped because although there have been 75,000 new lines since the turn of the year, 250k only represents 1 per cent of the UK market.
Link: TechRadar

Google Street View has caused plenty of controversy but that hasn't scared off the competition. Microsoft Streetside is already available in 56 US cities and will start mapping in London and across Europe in the next month. Microsoft has admitted that it is not going to be quite as comprehensive as Street View, but just the most valuable urban areas.
Link: BBC News

Apple's Tim Cook has earned a host of plaudits during his stint as Steve Jobs' stand-in and he can now add another to the list after being voted the most influential gay man in America by Out magazine. Apple CEO Cook has never spoken-out about his sexuality and is regarded as quite a private man in the industry. Cook or Apple is yet to comment on the commendation.
Link: Gizmodo

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