Tech Today: HP kills-off TouchPad and Pre phones

Plus: Virgin Galactic to have Wi-Fi, RIM music streaming planned

It's the tech news that broke after you logged-off.

HP kills of WebOS gadgets; Pre and TouchPad no more
On a dramatic day at Hewlett Packard, the company has decided to put webOS out to pasture and cease production of the HP TouchPad tablet and the Pre line of smartphones. The TouchPad has failed to inspire consumers, while the Pre 3 was only launched in the UK this week.
Link: TechRadar

HP wants to leave the PC business
Like we said, it was an eventful day at HP. The world's largest manufacturer of PCs is looking to get out of the game as profit margins and sales continue to fall. The company has admitted that it is considering selling off the PC division, or at least spinning it off into a separate company.
Link: Computer World

RIM to launch music streaming service?
Not to be left behind, RIM is said to be lining up its own music streaming service for BlackBerry phones. Sources claim that RIM is in the late state of negotiations with all of the major music labels, with a release tipped for September 5th.
LInk: AppleInsider

Virgin Galactic to have on-board Wi-Fi
Passengers on SpaceShipTwo, Virgin Galactic's gift to wannabe astronauts across the world, will have on-board Wi-Fi reports have claimed. Now passengers on the first commercial space shuttles will be able to check-in on Facebook from lower-earth orbit.
Link: Runway Girl

IBM creates 'chip closest to human brain'
There are certain stories from the tech world that have the ominous thudding of the Terminator theme suddenly running through your brain. This is one of them. Thanks to a new chip created by IBM, your gadgets may soon have a mind of their own. The new microprocessor comes closer than ever to replicating the human brain by rewiring as it learns new information.
Link: BBC