Tech Today: Google Wallet, exploding Apple battery fix

Plus: Amazon Mac store, Twitter's latest feature

It's the tech news that broke after you logged-off

Google Wallet mobile payments official
The Big G has announced, as expected, its Google Wallet mobile payment system which turns your Android smartphone into a digital wallet. Your credit card details will be stored in the handset enabling you to pay for goods without the traditional means. The service is being trialed in New York and San Fran initially.
Link: Engadget

Amazon launches Mac download store
Following the success of its Android app store, Amazon has switched its focus to Apple. Amazon has launched a Mac Download Store featuring 250 of the most popular programmes. You can download full versions of mainstays like Office for Mac and Adobe Photoshop Elements as well as games like Civilisation V.
Link: Amazon

App of the Day | BBC News
The ever popular BBC News app comes to Android, keep up-to-date with all the latest news around the globe.
T3 App Chart | Top 10 Android Apps | BBC News Review

Apple patents batteries that don't explode
Is there anything worse than an iPod meeting a premature end thanks to an exploding battery? Well a new patent filed by Apple might put an end to those perennial panics. A pressure release pouch, mentioned in the patent, placed around the battery could reduce the risk of your favourite music player becoming a fire hazard.
Link: 9to5 Mac

Twitter unveils cool new profile mirror feature
Ever wondered exactly what your friends get out of Twitter? Well, the company has rolled out a neat little feature to allow you to see what someone you're following sees when they view their timeline. So you can check out your mates' Twitter timelines for stuff you might be missing out on.
Link: TechCrunch

Upload your DVD collection to stream from the cloud?
There's a lot of talk around tech town of the cloud music wars, with Apple, Google and Amazon fighting to store your tunes for online streaming purposes. Well imagine if you could do that for movies? Imagine if you could access your entire DVD collection wherever you are? Well popular movie app Flixster might be planning to make that dream a reality.
Link: TechRadar

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