Tech Today: Google Instant Pages, Xbox 720 at E3 2012

Plus: Facebook juror guilty, BBC's new iPad app

Google adds a little more speed and convenience to web-search, BBC uses iPad to help its journos and the dumbest Facebooker of all time is convicted. It's the tech news that broke after you logged off.

Google launches Instant Pages web-search
Google has identified the need for speed by announcing Google Instant Pages at the Inside Search event on Wednesday evening. Now, when you enter a search query, Google will predict which results you'll choose and begin loading them in the background, meaning when you select the link, that web-page will load instantly, saving you 2-5 seconds each time.
Link: Guardian

Voice and Image Search coming to browsers too
Google has announced that it's bringing Voice Search and Image Search to desktop-based searches. Image Search will allow you to simply drag and drop and image into the search bar, upload from the hard-drive, copy and paste a URL or use a browser add-on. Voice Search adds the little microphone we've become familiar with on Android.
Link: The Next Web

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Is GarageBand the best app of 2011? Or can Flipboad, Star Walk or the other nominees take the title
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New Xbox 360 to arrive at next year's E3
After allowing Nintendo and Sony to hog the new console limelight at E3 2011, Microsoft is preparing to launch the next Xbox at next year's gaming showcase, according to reports. Developer Crytek has let slip that it is working on TimeSplitters 4 to launch alongside the console. The report also suggests that the Xbox 720 will arrive before the PlayStation 4
Link: VideoGamer

BBC developing iPad app for its journos? is reporting that the BBC is developing an iPad and iPhone app to allow its reporters to upload stories, pictures and videos from the field and even report live using the iOS device's video camera. The report claims the content management system could be up within a month.

Facebook juror set for jail time
In yesterday's Tech Today we told you of a juror who had ellegdly wrecked a drugs trial by contacting the defendant on Facebook. Well it looks like that silly so-and-so is off to jail after being found guilty of contempt of court. She faces two years in the slammer for one of the stupidest crimes ever known to man
Link Guardian

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