Tech Today: First iPhone 5 picture revealed

Plus: Spotify sued, BT to block file-sharers

It's the tech news that broke after you logged-off.

First pictures of the Apple iPhone 5 uncovered?
An Apple employee has been snapped on a train in San Francisco wielding what looks like a brand new, previously unseen iPhone (pictured). The photographer, who revealed his picture to the 9to5Mac site said that the pictures didn't do the device any justice. From what we can make out, the handset looks to have a curved back, which would back up the design of purported iPhone 5 cases revealed earlier this week.
Link: 9to5Mac

Welcome to America, Spotify. We're suing you.
You're not living the American dream unless you've been sued at least once and it took all of two weeks for Spotify to feel the wrath of the legal culture in the US. The music streaming giant has been issued with a patent infringement writ by the PacketVideo service, which claims - in very complicated legal jargon - that Spotify is stepping on its toes by, well, streaming music.
Link: TechCrunch

Microsoft Office to get Mac OS X Lion update
It seems Mircosoft is excited about Apple's new Mac OS X Lion operating system. Just a week after launch, Apple's longstanding rival has announced it will make its Office suite Lion compatible by adding a full screen mode, versions and auto-save. Microsoft says it is working hard with Apple to enable the transition, but that isn't likely to happen for months
Link: AppleInsider

BT ordered by court to block file-sharing website
A landmark legal ruling on Thursday saw the UK's biggest ISP, BT ordered by a court to block its customers from accessing the Newzbin2 file-sharing website. BT must use the Cleanfeed censorship tech it has utilised in the past to block access to child pornography. The ruling is the first of its kind and could have massive ramifications in the fight against illegal downloads
Link: PC Mag

More Windows Phone Mango details emerge
Following the launch of an almost complete build of Windows Phone Mango to registered developers on Wednesday, we've seen more of the updated OS' features come to light. The deep Twitter integration has been showcased within the people and hubs sections. Mango users will also be able to stream music from their SkyDrive account, giving Mango an iCloud rival
Link: Engadget

News@8: Thursday saw the iPhone 5 release guessing games continue with multiple sources claiming it'll arrive during different dates throughout September. One Apple-related product that is here is the Global BBC iPlayer, which rolled out to 11 European countries, exclusively via the iPad app. Catch up with this and the rest of Thursday's big tech news in our daily News@8 round-up