Tech Today: Facebook to launch 'Vibes' music service?

Plus: Promoted tweets coming to timelines next month

The tech news that broke before Monday morning rolled around.

GTA V details to be announced shortly?
Rockstar is still riding the crest of a wave of success following La Noire, but reports over the weekend suggest that the developer is looking to get back to its bread-and-butter by announcing the latest Grand Theft Auto installment. The US edition of OXM says: "Time's up, says The Ball. Expect Grand Theft Auto V to be announced later this summer."
Link: CVG

Facebook 'Vibes' music service to launch?
The heavily-rumoured Facebook music offering could be called 'Vibes' according to a piece of code uncovered by a software developer. After examining the code for Facebook Video, Jeff Rose discovered reference to an unannounced service called 'Vibes.' Facebook is rumoured to be teaming up with Spotify for its music offering.
Link: Telegraph

App of the Day | Red Bulletin
Red Bull's monthly magazine goes digital with a vast array of exciting visual content
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Pokemon coming to iOS and Android this summer...
...but don't get too excited. Nintendo has confirmed that it will be launching Pokemon apps for the iOS and Android platforms, but it won't be the all-action, catching-'em-all adventures we became accustomed to on the DS. It'll be, according to TechCrunch, part card-game, part rhythm-game and called Pokemon Say Tap.
Link: TechCunch

iPhone cheaper to build than top HTC rival
The US-only HTC Thunderbolt smartphone costs more to build than any other consumer smartphone in history, according to a teardown of its parts. While the iPhone 4 costs Apple £106 to assemble, the Thunderbolt sets HTC back £163 for every handset theat leaves the production line.
Link: IBTimes

Twitter to integrate promoted tweets into your timeline
We knew it was coming, although we hoped it wouldn't, but Twitter intends to add promoted tweets to your timeline within the next month. Promoted Tweets to Followers will appears will place messages from companies and brands you already follow on Twitter at the top of your timeline. So, you won't be spammed, but it is a little more of an intrusion.
Link: All Things D