Tech Today: Facebook Timeline update, new Apple sales records

Videos: Tiger goes hands on with Kinect, Star Wars Uncut becomes a hit

Facebook plans to roll-out its Timeline profile to all users, while Samsung has scored a big win over Apple in court. Meanwhile Tiger Woods has gone hands-on with Kinect

Best-ever quarter sees Apple post record iPhone/iPad earnings
Apple sold an astonishing 37m iPhones and 15.43m iPads on the way to its best-ever quarter in terms of revenue. The company brought in $46.33 billion (£27.9bn) with a profit of $13.06 billion (£8.37bn) in the last three months alone. The company also boasted that the iTunes Store grossed $120m (£77m) in music and app sales on Christmas Day.
Link: AllThingsD

Facebook Timeline feature coming to all
Whether you like the new Facebook Timeline profile or not, you'll soon have no choice on the matter. The social network is forcing the chronological feature onto all users in the coming weeks. We don't expect it to go over well with those change-hating folks on your friends list.
Link: TechRadar

Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the clear in Holland
Apple's never-ending attempts to clear the world of the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 suffered a blow today when a Dutch court ruled that the tablet does not infringe on Apple's patented designs. Apple's patents were too narrow in scope according to the court, which also accepted Samsung's 'prior art' defense, showcasing similar tablets existed before the iPad.
Link: AppleInsider

Star Wars Uncut a hit on YouTube
The crowd-sourced independent remake of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope has surpassed a million views on YouTube in three days. The recreation, which is a comprised of 15-second clips submitted by Star Wars fans, has been in the works since 2009, but this is the first time the entire project has been stitched together.
Link: BBC

Orange and Wikipedia team-up to bring free access to Africa/Middle East
Orange has announced that its users in Africa and the Middle East will soon have free access to Wikipedia as it plans to bring the power of the online encyclopedia to 20 countries free of charge. No data plan will be required.
Link: TheVerge

Tiger goes hands on with Tiger Woods 13 for Kinect
Tiger Woods has given his approval to the first version of the EA Sports golf franchise to boast Kinect controls. "The Kinect is just amazing, how you can actually just swing and it captures the movement, I mean you can actually make a true golf swing. What Wii did is one thing, the Wii motion, but now this Kinect is just going to blow it off the handle," said the 14-time major winner.
Link: CVG