Tech Today: EA classics to return, iOS MagSafe patent

Plus: Skype Wi-Fi coming to iOS, Google outs Photovine

With news from Apple, Google, PlayStation and Skype, here's the tech news that broke after you logged-off

Road Rash and Desert Strike could return, says EA
EA is planning to revamp 'a couple' of classic franchises with the EA Labels chief hinting that titles like Road Rash and Desert Strike might be in line for a dramatic revamp for the new era.
Link: CVG

Apple to bring MagSafe tech to iOS devices
The MagSafe power cable connection tech has saved many a MacBook from a nasty encounter with the floor, and now Apple is planning to bring that lifeline to iPhone and iPad owners. A new patent approved today clears Apple to integrate MagSafe for its iOS devices.
Link: PatentlyApple

Google launches new photo-sharing app for iPhone
The Photovine app for iPhone came out of private Beta today to land on the App Store for all and sundry to get their mitts on. The photo-sharing app allows users to add their own snaps to existing public "Vines" like sunsets, animals and what-have-you. Users can also start their own vibes and follow their Facebook and Twitter friends through the app.
Link: Huffington Post

PS3 price-cut sees 400 per cent sales jump
The rather generous Sony PlayStation 3 price-cut has been an instant hit among consumers with a 400 per cent sales surge on Amazon. Sony knocked the UK price down to just £199, the first time the console has ever dipped below £200.
Link: PC World

Skype Wi-Fi comes to iOS devices
Users of Apple's iOS devices will soon be able to connect to over a million Wi-Fi hotspots around the world through their Skype accounts. The benefit of connecting through Skype means you'll only pay for the minutes you spend online rather than the over-inflated hourly and daily rates available at airports and hotels. Skype Wi-Fi will hit the App Store soon.
Link: CNET