Tech Today: Duke Nukem panned, Steve Jobs comic

Plus: HP to launch iCloud rival, MacBook Air launch update

It's the tech news that broke after you logged-off.

Commercial success but a critical kicking for Duke
Gamers who have waited 13-years for the release of Duke Nukem Forever sent it soaring to the top of the UK gaming charts following its release on Friday. However the commercial success has been tempered by a critical beating as the first reviews to creep out have largely panned the game.
Link: CVG

HP to launch an iCloud rival?
Everyone seems to be jumping on the cloud music streaming bangwagon with reports on Tuesday claiming that HP is in talks with record labels over the launch of its own rival to Apple's iCloud. However any launch would unlikely to be in time for the HP TouchPad tablet, which arrives in just a couple of weeks.
Link: Billboard

App of the Year | Vote in the T3 Gadget Awards 2011
Is GarageBand the best app of 2011? Or can Flipboad, Star Walk or the other nominees take the title
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Facebook juror charged with contempt
Now we all know someone who has been in trouble for using Facebook on the job, but when you're the juror on a multi-million pound drugs trial then it's probably best that you don't contact the defendant using the social networking site. That's what Joanne Fraill stands accused of doing. She'll face contempt charges in court this week.
Link: Guardian

Steve Jobs: The comic book, incoming
For those of you who can't wait for the official, authorised biography comes Steve Jobs: The Comic Book. The 32-page illustrated graphic novel comes from the same publishing house that launched the Mark Zuckerberg comic earlier this year. Bluewater Productions will release Steve Jobs: The co-founder of Apple in two months.
Link: CNET

New MacBook Air now set for July
After initial reports suggested that the MacBook Air refresh might arrive as soon as Wednesday, comes news that they're unlikely to arrive until next month. Sources had predicted an early arrival, but that's now set to be the launch of unlocked iPhones in the US. New Airs are likely to have Sandy Bridge processors and Thunderbolt I/O tech.
Link: TIME

News@8: Monday saw a rather brazen prediction from industry analysts that Windows Phone will overtake Apple by 2015, while other far-fetched reports suggest that Apple will begin updating the iPhone and iPad twice a year. Away from Apple, Nokia is upgrading the camera for the N8, while the Xbox 360 is set to receive a processor boost.