Tech Today: CES 2012 begins today, Netflix now live in UK

Plus: Microsoft patents 'Avoid Ghetto' app, Acer announces world's thinnest Ultrabook

CES 2012 gets underway tomorrow with Sony, Samsung and LG press conferences, but there has already been a pair of big announcements from Acer. Meanwhile, back on UK soil Netflix is finally live

CES 2012 is underway and we're here LIVE!
It's time for the biggest tech show of the year and T3 is here in force to bring you all of the major product announcements that will shape 2012, along with a host of hands-on reviews and videos live from Las Vegas. Monday sees LG, Sony and Samsung hold press conferences so expect a hugely busy day of news. Stay tuned to our CES microsite at for the announcements as they happen.

Netflix is now live in the UK for PS3 users
The long-awaited Netflix UK launch is finally here with PS3 users reporting that they're now able to sign-up to the video streaming service for £5.99 a month. Some Apple TV owners are also seeing the app, but are as yet unable to register with the service. Netflix, a phenomenon in the United States, will offer stiff competition to LOVEFiLM, which is also stepping up its on-demand offering.

Acer announces S5 Ultrabook, thinner than the rest
We're likely to see a few PC Ultrabooks at CES 2012, and on the eve of the show Acer got things going by announcing the A5, which is the thinnest MacBook Air rival yet. The Acer S5 Ultrabook will boast an Intel i-series processor, weighs in at just 2.97lbs and is only 15mm at it's thickest point. The 13.3-inch black device also boasts HDMI, USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt ports. Let the Ultrabook thin/light peeing contest begin!
Link: PCMag

Acer announces iCloud alternative. It's called AcerCloud
Cloud storage was a massive story in 2011 and that momentum is showing no sign of slowing with Acer announcing its own version of Apple's iCloud platform. AcerCloud stores your photos, documents and media files on its servers. Like Apple's PhotoStream solution, snaps will be stored on your computer and on your devices for 30 days. No news yet on when it will launch.
Link: TechCrunch

Microsoft asks for trouble with 'Avoid Ghetto' app patent
Here's an interesting one. Microsoft has won a patent filing in the United States which will allow users to avoid dangerous neighbourhoods. "As a pedestrian travels, various difficulties can be encountered, such as traveling through an unsafe neighborhood or being in an open area that is subject to harsh temperatures," said the filing. The GPS app will consult local crime figures before offering advice on your route. Wow.
Link: IBT