Tech Today: Carbon fibre iPad, Facebook legal battle ends

Plus Intel outs Oak Trail chip for tablets

The tech news that broke after you logged off

The Social Network legal battle that spawned a hit Hollywood movie is finally over after a judge ruled that a set of twins who claimed Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg stole their idea cannot claim any more money as part of a settlement. The unfortunately named brothers Winkevoss were awarded compensation now worth $160m back in 2008 but were still angling for more money.

Apple's iPad 3 might well have a new casing after Apple hired a carbon fibre expert who has spend the last decade and a half perfecting bicycle frames using the material. Speculation has been rife for years that Apple has wanted to diversify from the aluminium and stainless steel casing used on the current crop of tech and this is the clearest indication yet that carbon fibre is the future.
Link: TechRadar

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Intel has entered the tablet game after announcing the new Oak Trail processor line they're claiming will give tablets 8.5 hours of battery life. These tablets are unlikely to challenge the Apple iPad or the Android Honeycomb crew with Intel lining up 35 devices to house the chip, most of which are Windows-packing devices
Link: Wall Street Journal

The Amazon Kindle is doing a darned good job of luring readers away from traditional paper-bound books with its very reasonable price point, but if you fancy a little sponsorship you'll be able to buy an ad-funded Amazon Kindle for $25 off RRP in some retail stores in the US. If you can put up with some adverts on the homescreen and screensavers then a Kindle will now cost you only $114.
Link: Engadget

3D displays are all the rage these days, but an Apple iPad 2 3D display? What's all that about? Well there's a new app developed that uses the front-loaded camera on the iPad 2 and a little head-tracking software to give the illusion of depth and convince the brain that there's a whole world inside your iPad's display. Who needs a 3DS?
Link: Gizmodo

News@8pm: If you weren't plugged into on Monday you missed some pretty big news on the tech front. There's an official Steve Jobs biography on the way, a host of news on Symbian and Bada's bid to get back into the operating system big leagues, Adobe's plans to launch iPad Photoshop apps and a whole lot more. Check out our daily news round-up.