Tech Today: BlackBerry probes London riots claim

Plus: Google+ hits iPad, Star Trek theme park

With news from Apple, Google, BlackBerry and...Star Trek, here's what happened in the tech world after you logged-off.

Apple launches Google+ app for iPad and iPod touch
The official Google+ app has been available for the iPhone for a few weeks now, but only on Monday was support for Apple's other iOS devices brought into play. The launch of Google+ for iPad arrives before Facebook, who's own yet-to-be-released iPad app was leaked last week.
Link: AppleInsider

BlackBerry Messenger used to escalate London riots?
RIM has promised to assist police following reports that its free BlackBerry Messenger IM service was used to co-ordinate and escalate the devastating London riots on Monday. Scotland Yard says that "really inaccurate, inflammatory" messages were sent using the service.
Link: Guardian

iTunes Replay cloud movie service still a while away
While reports suggest that Apple's movie version of its iCloud music streaming service is indeed in the works, it might not arrive for a good while yet. The rumoured iTunes Replay service, which would allow users to re-download digital movies they have already purchased to multiple devices is yet to be agreed with at least four of the six major movie studios, according to reports.
Link: CNET

BlackBerry Colt to be RIM's first QNX smartphone?
RIM is preparing to launch a new breed of BlackBerry smartphone, running a version of the QNX operating system seen on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The BlackBerry Cold 'superphone' will boast dual-core processors and arrive in the first quarter of 2012, according to BGR.
Link: BGR

Star Trek: The Theme Park gets green light
It's the news Trekkies have been waiting their entire lives for: A Star Trek theme park attraction is going to be built. The problem for Kirk and Spock loyalists is it's going to be erected in Jordan, which for all intents and purposes might as well be Vulcan. The Star Trek space flight experience will be part of a $1.5 billion dollar investment, with King Abdullah one of the major investors.
Link: The National

News@8: Monday saw some major FIFA news; the release date for the FIFA 12 demo will be revealed in Germany next week, while FIFA 13 will boast Kinect support. In Apple news, the company is said to be planning the launch of a budget iMac aimed at students. Catch-up on this and more in our daily News@8 round-up.