Tech Today: Best Buy UK closing sale, Britney rules Google+

Plus: Cowboys cheerleader forced off Twitter, Lumia 800 sales looking good afterall?

The weekend saw Britney Spears overtake Larry Page as the most followed person on Google+ while Panasonic is reportedly preparing to bring Lumix Android phones to the UK. Also, there's a huge closing sale at Best Buy UK

Best Buy UK closing down sale begins today
Unless you blew all your cash on the Black Friday sales events, there's a pretty decent chance you could pick up a mighty fine tech bargain on Monday as retail chain Best Buy prepares to up sticks and head back to the US with tail firmly planted between legs. Online and physical stores will be slashing prices by between 10 and 30 per cent.
Link: Engadget

Panasonic Android phones coming to Europe
Japan's range of Panasonic Lumix Android mobile handsets may be on the way to the UK according to reports. The smartphones, which boast the company's tremendous Lumix camera technology, are Europe bound according to Nikkei, with the company reportedly in talks with a major carrier. It's about time we had some Android handsets with consistently good cameras.
Link: The Verge

Cheerleader forced off Twitter after tackle tweets
A cheerleader for the Dallas Cowbows American football teams has reportedly been forced to delete her Twitter account after commenting on an incident which saw her accidentally tackled to the ground by the Cowboys' tight-end (stop giggling at the back!). Melissa Kellerman told fans: "Not hurtin' today, like some of y'all thought I would be! Our [tight end] isn't as tough as he looks...That or I'm WAY tougher than I look. ;)" Now, both CNBC and the NFL blog reckons the Texas team has advised her to stay off Twitter.
Link: CNET

Britney Spears now the most followed person on Google+
Pop princess Britney Spears has now overtaken Google's own CEO Larry Page as the most followed human on Google+. The Toxic singer now has 768,000 followers, surpassing the boss by around 8,000. Britney's sudden rise to the top of Google's social networking tree is somewhat of a mystery.
Link: PC Mag

Nokia Lumia 800 to sell 2m in Q4 afterall
After reports last week claimed that Nokia will only sell approximately half-a-million of its new Windows Phone-toting Lumia 800 handsets saw the Finns' stock take a hit, Deutsche Bank has reaffirmed that the company will actually shift two million units before the year is out.
Link: BGR