Tech Today: Apple wins new ban on Galaxy Tab 7.7

Plus: iPhone 5 release date looking like October

With another humiliating blow for Samsung in its bid to rival the iPad and the most concrete evidence of an Amazon tablet yet, here's the biggest tech news from the weekend.

Latest Galaxy Tab removed from display at IFA 2011
Samsung has felt another cruel and embarrassing blow at the hands of Apple's legal team after being forced to remove the newly unveiled Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablet from display at the IFA 2011 tech show. Apple won another injunction against Sammy's tablet range, claiming that they've 'blatantly copied' the iPad. The gadget has now disappeared from the show floor without a trace.
Link: Engadget

Multiple reports claim iPhone 5 will now launch in October
Will it be September? Will it be October? The iPhone 5 release date rumour mill seems to change its mind every day. Word over the weekend is that the latter is now more likely. AppleInsider reports that the new device has entered the manufacturing stage at Apple's suppliers, while US retailer BestBuy is gearing up for an October launch.
Link: AppleInsider

TechCrunch claims to have seen and played with Amazon Kindle tablet
Until now the long-expected Amazon Kindle tablet has been subject to whispers and gossip, but now one tech scribe claims to have seen the thing up-close and actually had some hands-on time. M.G. Siegler of TechCrunch says he got a confidential sneak peak at the 7-inch, Android tablet which has a full-touchscreen and looks similar to the BlackBerry PlayBook. It will be priced at a hugely competitive $250 (£170). Wow.
Link: TechCrunch

Meanwhile, Amazon testing a tablet-friendly site redesign
In a move that may, or may not, be linked to the ever-looming launch of an Amazon Kindle tablet, the all-conquering e-tailer is testing a complete redesign of its online shopping experience, tailored to tablets. There's a lot more white space, no menu on the left hand-side, less clutter and more indication that the site will focus more on showing you things you've seen in the past.
Link: WSJ

New Sony Internet TV box sneaks out at IFA
Sony's newest connected TV accessory struggled to get a mention during Sony's action-packed IFA keynote, but it's been seen in living colour on the company's stand. The SMP-N200 Network Media Player turns any TV into a connected TV. It'll bring a host of HD and 3D content on demand, and allow you to stream content from other devices over Wi-Fi. Kind of like Apple TV then really.
Link: Engadget