Tech Today: Apple winding down iPod? Facebook tagging

Plus: Offline Google Maps Nav, Twitter photo sharing

Tuesday's post-work tech news brought big stories from Nintendo, Apple, Google, Twitter and Facebook. Read on...

Nintendo admits Wii U highlight reel was Xbox/PS3 footage
We all gasped with awe when Nintendo played its Wii U showcase at E3 yesterday. However, the company was forced to admit that the HD gaming footage that featured in the trailer wasn't from Wii U games, but Xbox 360 and PS3 titles. Nintendo's US boss says that they wanted to show what the console was capable of.
Link: GameTrailers

Is Apple looking beyond the iPod brand?
Apple has changed the name of its iPod app in iOS 5 to Music leading observers to believe that this is the beginning of the end for the iconic iPod brand. As a result of a huge increase in iPhone sales and the proliferation of music apps on smartphones, iPod sales are in decline.
Link: Gizmodo


App of the Day | Lyric Legend
Always find yourself stumbling over the words as you belt out your favourite tunes? Then this app's for you.
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Google Maps Navigation going offline
Look out TomTom, because Google Maps Navigation may no longer have to rely on an internet connection to search for a new route. Dutch site All About Phones reckons that Google may be about to remove the requirement for that data connection in order to use the all-conquering GPS app.
Link: All About Phones

Twitter photo service roll-out begins
A PR bod for Twitter has revealed that the hotly-anticipated, official Twitter photo-sharing service is being rolled-out to users outside the company. The service, confirmed by the social networking site, last week will allow users to post pictures to their timelines without the assistance of third-party apps.
Link: TechCrunch

Facebook "Tag Suggestions" sees EU probe
Another day, another Facebook privacy storm. Facebook's new facial recognition tech, which allows for easier tagging of photos (what's wrong with clicking on friends' names is beyond us). Bloomberg says that the EU is planning to probe the feature, with a view to establishing the legality of Facebook's latest move.
Link: CNET

News@8: The big news on Wednesday was the BBC's announcement that the Wimbledon finals will be shown in 3D for the first time, while Apple is planning for a new 'Spaceship' HQ. There are 15 new Angry Birds levels and the OnLive Player app is coming to iPad. Read-up on this and more in our daily News@8 round-up.