Tech Today: Apple Store update, Gaga loves Chrome

Plus: Android movies update, Wii 2 camera

The biggest news from a busy weekend of tech happenings.

iPad 2 becomes a humble product label
Remember that massive Apple Store 10th Anniversary makeover we were talking about last week? Well it turns out that Apple have decided to turn its all-conquering iPad 2 tablet into a product label for its other goods. Now Apple Store customers will be able to compare specs and features using the top tablet on the block.
Link: 9to5Mac

Gaga is a Google Chrome fan
So the burning tech question of the day is what web browser does pop star, turned social networking sensation Lady Gaga prefer. Is it Safari? Firefox? IE? Well no actually. Lady Gaga loves Google Chrome. The proof comes in a 90 second video for her song Edge of Glory in which the bizarre star connects with fan tributes through the Chrome browser.
Link: Engadget

Google excludes movie-loving handset rooters
If you got bored waiting for your network to provide an Android update and took matters into your own hands then you're unlikely to be able to take advantage of Google's new movie rental service for Android. Google has decided to blacklist those who have rooted their handset. Pretty unfair when you consider Android is supposed to be open source and all that.
Link: Gizmodo

App of the Day | Lego Instructions
If you've a bucketful of Lego this app will supply you with endless amounts of entertainment.
T3 App Chart | Top 10 Android Apps | Lego Instructions Review ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Apple, not Intel owns Thunderbolt marks
Thunderbolt I/O technology has been making tech headlines over the last few weeks, but despite being largely developed by Intel, it is Apple that has been filing the trademarks across North America and Europe. Apple now holds the rights to the Thunderbolt name and any other manufacturer that wants to use it will have to call it something else.
Link: MacRumours

Wii 2 controller to boast a camera, says source
This story has been doing the rounds over the weekend and if it has credence, it seems that the Nintendo Wii 2 touchscreen controller will also have a camera. We're not sure what it will be for yet, but this controller looks like it might be taking on a life of its own.
Link: CrunchGear