Tech Today: Apple Store birthday launch, Bing uses Facebook for search

Plus: Kindle best-seller, WP7

It's the tech news that broke after you logged-off.

Facebook and Bing tie-in deepens
Microsoft's search-engine Bing has increased its reliance on Facebook with news that it will further tailor its search results based on data gleaned from the users of the social network. As from now, people who perform searches in Bing will have their results influenced from how many 'likes' something has on Facebook.
Link: WSJ

App of the Day | Dark Nebula Episode 2
No story line but compelling nonetheless. Just navigate your way through the obstacle-filled path.
T3 App Chart | Top 10 iPhone Apps | Dark Nebula Episode 2 Review

Apple Store's 10th year celebrations
Rumours that Apple plans to commemorate the tenth anniversary of its retail stores by launching a new product or service are gathering pace. According to Boy Genius Report, Apple Store employees have been given instructions to prepare the new product for this coming weekend.
Link: BGR

Ad-funded Kindle is now a best-seller
Amazon's ad-funded Kindle reader is now the best-selling reader on the company's website. The $114 Kindle, which features third-party adverts for a $25 discount is now outselling two other versions of the Kindle as well as the Apple iPod touch 32GB and iPod touch 8GB. It seems folks are happy to abide by the ads
Link: PC Magazine

Windows Phone 7 to get Office functionality
The Windows Phone 7.5 update will bring Microsoft Office functionality to the mobile platform said Microsoft today. The update, previously known as Mango, will bring the Office 365 cloud service as well as improved email and instant messaging, with a Skype app set to appear following the $8.5m buyout.
Link: Windows team blog

Endeavour takes off without a hitch
The heavily-delayed launch of the space shuttle Endeavour ended today came to a close today as the NASA shuttle set-off on its final voyage. The 16-day mission will be the final flight for Endeavor and the penultimate flight for the NASA space program which put a man on the moon.
Link: AP

News@8: The first day of the week brought news that the iPhone 5 UK release date might be pushed back until November, while the PSN re-launch suffered setbacks when the amount of folks trying to reset their passwords caused the service to crash. Meanwhile Samsung launched a free 3D TV app for its connected TVs. It's all there in our News@8 round-up.