Tech Today: Apple releases iOS 5 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Plus: Headline iOS apps updated, BBM outage continues to rock RIM

Apple has unleashed iOS 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and has updated a host of apps to accompany the launch. Meanwhile, as iMessage becomes available for iOS users, RIM is desperately trying to get its BBM service back online. There's also been a blow Google's attempts to hunt down Facebook and Twitter.

iOS 5 arrives two days before iPhone 4S launch
As expected, Apple has released the latest version of its mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iOS 5 launched on schedule on Wednesday night with over 200 improvements. Among the new features are iCloud, iMessage and pull-down notifications. You'll need the latest version of iTunes in order to update your iOS tech.
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BBM back up by the weekend says RIM
If it wasn't for bad luck, poor old RIM would have no luck at all. With iOS 5 bringing iMessage to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch this week the company couldn't have envisaged a worse time for a BBM outage. The problems that began early in the week have continued through Wednesday with RIM announcing that it hopes the instant messaging service will be back up by the weekend. It also said that it can't make any promises. Bad times.
Link: CNET

White Apple iPod touch now yours to own
If you're one of those gadget enthusiasts who insists on having their favourite tech in a lighter hue then today is your lucky day. Apple has made the white iPod touch device, which does not differ from its predecessor aside from the new shade, available to buy from your local Apple Store. The device does, however, come with iOS 5 pre-installed,
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Google engineer describes Google+ as "pathetic afterthought"
There isn't a lot of good news surrounding Google's attempts to muscle in on Facebook and Twitter's social networking dominance thse days. The negativity is even emanating from Google itself with engineer Steve Yegge using his Google+ feed to describe the company's efforts as a "knee jerk reaction" and a "pathetic afterthought." His post, which was supposed to be aimed at his most intimate circle, went out to the world and has now been withdrawn. Whoops.
Link: CNET

IOS 5 brings updates to new and old Apple applications
The arrival of iOS 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has brought a spate of application updates. AppleInsider reports that the entire iWork suite (which includes Pages, Keynote and Numbers) has been updated, while Remote, Find my iPhone and iMovie have also been tinkered with in light of the new operating system's release. The iWork update is mainly iCloud related.
Link: AppleInsider