Tech Today: Apple Mac OS X Lion launch today confirmed

Plus: Apple smashes records, iPad outsells PCs

A huge record-breaking day for Apple sees the company hit its highest ever peak and confirm a major new release.

Mac OS X Lion arriving on the Mac App Store today
It's finally here, after a full unveiling at WWDC last month, Apple will today unleash Mac OS X Lion for download from the Mac App Store. The new iOS-like operating system boasts 250 new features and will cost UK Mac owners just £25 to upgrade from Snow Leopard. Lion will arrive at 1:30pm BST.
Link: CNET

iPad outsold Windows PCs in last quarter
Apple COO Tim Cook fired a barb at Microsoft by expressing his glee that the iPad outsold Windows PCs in the months of April, May and June. Apple shifted 9.25 iPad tablets during the fiscal Q3 period perhaps heralding the dawn of the post-PC era that Apple is so fond of.
Link: ABC News

App of the Year | Vote in the T3 Gadget Awards 2011
Is GarageBand the best app of 2011? Or can Flipboad, Star Walk or the other nominees take the title
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Apple smashes company records with latest earnings
Apple sold a record 20.34m iPhones and 9.25m iPads during the last three months, which are company records. In the fiscal Q3 earnings call Apple also announced its best-ever revenue and best ever profits as it shattered Wall Street Expectations with another phenomenal period.
Link: AppleInsider

Google Maps for Android gets London in 3D
The city of London now appears with 3D buildings in the Google Maps Android app, after the company rolled out new cities to join New York, Milan and Zurich. Check out your Google Maps 5.0 app now and you'll see Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the O2 in all of their 3D glory.
Link: TechRadar

FBI arrests 16 Anonymous suspects
Rarely a day goes by without hackers hacking or hackers being arrested. Tuesday saw the latter as the FBI grabbed 16 individuals suspected of being members of the Anonymous collective.14 have since been charged with a hack on PayPal last December. The battle goes on.
Link: New York Times

News@8: Tuesday saw the fall-out from LulzSec's attack on The Sun's website, more pics of a potential iPad 3 emerge, and another suggested release date for the iPhone 5. Also on the radar was news of XXX domain sales and a Star Wars app which shows off the special features of forthcoming Blu-ray release.