Tech Today: Apple iPod touch 5G to come in white?

Plus: Google TV UK launch confirmed, Sony Tablet P

Bank Holiday weekend tech news in one lovely dollop.

Next-generation iPod touch to arrive in white?
Leaked components, alleged to be from Apple's newest iPod touch model would suggest that the device will be made available in a white hue. The white cover panel has been obtained by iFixDirect. It is thought that Apple may not launch an upgraded device this year, so a white version of the device might be your lot.
Link: AppleInsider

Google TV confirmed for UK within six months
This news isn't as exciting as it would have been earlier this year, given how badly Google's bid for your Gogglebox has flopped in the US, but nevertheless executive chairman Eric Schmidt has confirmed that the connected telly platform Google TV will launch in Europe early next year, with the UK a priority market.
Link: TechRadar

Tim Cook nets £235m Apple share bonus
Sometimes, if you're lucky, you'll get a signing on bonus when you start a new job. Well how's about one million Apple shares? New CEO Tim Cook has been awarded a mammoth stake in the company to reflect his new role, which will be worth £235m if he's still with the company in 2021. Not a bad start.
Link: Independent

4G LTE Samsung devices confirmed for IFA
Not that this'll be much use to anyone in Blighty as no-one's bothered to sort out an LTE network yet, but Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Tab 8.9 tablet and the Galaxy SII smartphone will be launched in faster flavours at the IFA tech show in Berlin next week.
Link: This is my Next

Sony S2 tablet will be called the Sony Tablet P
Ahead of the launch next month, Sony has let slip that its clamshell dual-screen tablet device previously known as the S2 will arrive as the Sony Tablet P. Last week it was revealed that the more conventional-looking tablet will be the Tablet S, rather than the S1. Makes sense, right?
Link: UnwiredView