Tech Today: Apple iOS 5 Beta 2 shows-off new features

Plus: Asteroid to miss Earth, LulzSec targeted

Apple's iOS 5 second Beta is now with developers, while Mark Zuckerberg's aspirations to be Steve Jobs have been revealed. In other news this weekend, LulzSec has doffed its hacking top hat for the final time and the era of cheap mobile games may be coming to an end.

iOS 5 Beta 2 now with developers
While us mere mortals have to wait until "this fall" to equip our iPads and iPhones with iOS 5, the second Beta edition is now with developers. Among the new features unveiled by this update are over-the-air software updates via 3G, lock-screen notifications and icons for iCloud.
Link: Apple Insider

Mark Zuckerberg wanted to be like Steve Jobs
In his early days of running Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg studied the management style of Steve Jobs according to a former employee. The employee says MZ's obsession with the Apple head led to the infamous "I'm CEO, bitch" business cards and his aggressive style during meetings.
Link: Quoro

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LulzSec members' identities revealed
On the same day that the infamous hacking group LulzSec brings down the curtain on its 50 days of terror, a rival group has released the purported names, addresses and family details of its members. The so-called The A-Team group calls out LulzSec on 'lacking ability' and says the group 'weren't very good hackers.'
Link: Gizmodo

Asteroid to 'narrowly miss' the Earth on Monday
An asteroid the size of an office block will fly past our little planet on Monday, missing us by 'just' 11,000 miles. Although that doesn't seem like a near miss, it's the 5th closest to Earth in recorded history and is 23 times closer than the moon. Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck thankfully won't be required on this ocassion.
Link: Telegraph

The era of cheap mobile games coming to an end?
The boss of games developer Take Two says that video games for the iPad and other tablets will soon cost as much as their console counterparts.Strauss Zelnick reckons that although games like GTA: Chinatown Wars have been successful, they haven't brought in much in the way of profits.
Link: Forbes